We Have Some BIG News!

Brother Treehouse is growing so much that we have re-branded! Visit Wheelzy.com to see our new look.

Brother Treehouse Orlando

‌is now...

Sell Your Car with Wheelzy


Brother Treehouse could not be more delighted to announce that we have officially re-branded to Wheelzy as of July 2019!

Brother Treehouse is now Wheelzy!

After 5 years of rapid growth as Brother Treehouse, we're unveiling our new identity - Wheelzy. As we reflect on all the accomplishments we've achieved, we couldn't be more excited to continue our success with our new brand Wheelzy. W‌heelzy represents the company that we are today, a trusted way to help people sell their car online.

We have the same cool downtown office, same smiling faces around and most importantly, the same amount of fun. We're very lucky to have found a way to help people and grow a business at the same time. We can't wait to see all that we will become with Wheelzy!

With how fast we're growing, we want to have a name that represents who we are and what we do. With a fresh new look, we're ready to offer our customers the same amazing service we always have. And no, we still don't sell Treehouses.

Visit Wheelzy.com

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